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Saudai Arabia Iqama Fees 2020 New List

Saudai Arabia Iqama Fees 2020 New List
 Iqama Fees in Saudi Arabia for 2019 and 2020 (Hijri 1440 and 1441). Iqama Renewal Fees in KSA, Maktab Amal Fees, Work Permit Fees.

Saudai Arabia Iqama Fees 2020 New List

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Renewal of Residence Permit (Iqama) 

All KFUPM expats who’s Resident permit (Iqama) will expire in 3 Months. 

Supporting Documents

 1. Original Passport. 
2. Bank Receipt for renewal Resident permit (Iqama) (SAR 500 for one year and SAR 1000 for two years), for domestic servants the renewal fee is SAR 600 per year. 

3. Photocopy of Resident Permit (Iqama). 

4. One passport size (4x6cm) color photograph. 
5. Medical report from KFUPM Medical Center or any Government or private authorized hospital for Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somal and all African nationals.

Procedural Steps 
1. Submit all the documents to Building 21 – Room: 613. 
2. Children who reach the age of 18 years are required to have a separate Resident permit (Iqama) with independent status after completing certain formalities which are as follows: 

a) Submit the original passport of son/daughter along with its photocopy. 

b) Attach a study certificate from the academic institution concerned with Arabic translation. 
c) Attach one passport size (4x6cm) color photograph white background. 

d) Attach father’s Resident permit (Iqama) copy. e) Fee: SAR 500, if the separation process is completed and the new Resident permit (Iqama) is issued within three months of the expiry date of father’s Resident permit (Iqama). (Faculty & Personnel Services will manage the separation process themselves). 

f) If a separate Resident permit (Iqama) is issued for a dependent son/daughter during the validity of his/her father’s Resident permit (Iqama), the fee will be charged according to the remaining period e.g. if father's Resident permit (Iqama) is valid for more than one year, the fee will be charged for two years. The fee is payable through ATMs or through on line systems of the local banks. 

g) An adult son is allowed to renew his Resident permit (Iqama) with his parents subject to the condition that he is a student and not above 25 years of age. After 25 years of age, either he has to leave the Kingdom with a final exit visa or find a new sponsor and have his sponsorship transferred. However, the daughters can continue to reside with their parents irrespective of any age limit as long as they are not married. 

h) Finger prints are mandatory for each adult dependent son/daughter for whom the residence permit is being renewed. To enter finger prints go to Jawazat office in Al-Khobar. Expected 

Iqama Fees in Saudi Arabia for 2020 (Hijri 1440 and 1441). Iqama Renewal Fees in KSA, Maktab Amal Fees, Work Permit Fees. MOI Iqama Renewal Fees‎: ‎650.00 Total‎: ‎9,500.00 Work Permit Fees (SR 700 / Month)‎: ‎8,400.00 Health Insurance (Average)‎: ‎450.00

Time : 15 days.

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