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Six Golden Principles For Heart Patients

Six golden principles for heart patients


Shaheed Hakim Mohammad Saeed
The sign of the correct functioning of the heart is that you do not feel the loss of it. If there is any disorder in the movement of the heart, which you may feel, then understand that there is an error in the process. People who have had a heart attack unfortunately, are well aware of this and have half the medical status.

They know what precautions should be taken to keep the heart in good condition. Some heart patients have severe heartburns, although many medications for such diseases have come out and have developed very good cardiologists. Well, the therapist can't help you as much as you can.

Some patients are able to reach the forefront with precautionary measures.

The following are six golden rules for heart patients. If they follow them, they will not need medication:
1. Keep an eye on your weight. Fitness is not a good thing. The better thing is, the more lean your body is, the more frequent your heart will be. If a cardiovascular patient is gaining equal weight It requires extraordinary caution.
Other organs other than the heart are badly affected by fatty acids. Excess fat accumulates around the lungs membrane and inhibits breathing. When the breath is not well enough, the blood does not get enough oxygen. He is not free from filth.
2. Eating honey is useful in cardiovascular diseases. If you have persistent constipation there is no problem with occasional mild laxatives.
For this purpose, prefer some indigenous herbs over brisk and eclectic medicines. Add salads and other raw salads to your diet to keep you from constipation. Permanent constipation is helpful in boosting heart disease. happens.
3. If you smoke cigarettes, quit it altogether. Tobacco use has been shown to be particularly harmful in cardiovascular diseases.
This point should be well understood.
4. According to your fitness and strength, do a little exercise every day, as well as relax the body.
5. The use of alcohol and drugs is very dangerous in the heart. It is most important to avoid.
6. Reduce sugar and salt intake.
Maintain simplicity in treatment.
We are not psychologically convinced of the effectiveness of simple and inexpensive treatments, but this treatment is often useful, such as drinking water and eating honey, but the restriction makes the patient feel special. ۔
Plain water also has many benefits. In addition to being cleansed, it is especially useful for patients with ANGINA.
Hot water opens the arteries of the blood and the patient feels pain. It is not necessary to have the patient seated in a tub of hot water. This will increase the blood pressure, however, the patient's wrists will reach his hands. They can be immersed in hot water. This way blood vessels open up and the pain in the chest decreases.
Rest is very important for cardiovascular patients.
High blood pressure patients will experience that lying down reduces blood pressure. If the patient's heart is moving 100 to 130 times per minute, the bed may be 80.90 minutes per minute, ie. Every minute your heart beats 40 times less, it will be enough for 2400 beats in one hour. This will save a lot of energy.
If the patient has a sudden heart attack, the first treatment is to go to bed immediately.
If dizziness starts to occur, then this should be done as well. In this way the heart is restless and it gets the necessary rest.
Short breaks
A brief breakdown is very useful during recovery from a heart attack or chest pain. After any such discomfort you will find that your appetite is diminished. This is in accordance with natural needs. In the world of gastronomy, your stomach is more frequent.
Fake does not mean that fish should be eaten instead of meat. Fifaq means avoiding all kinds of solid foods. Only plain water or fruit juice can be allowed during fasts. In the beginning, one-day breaks will also feel very uncomfortable and unpleasant. If it does feel like giving it a little raisin on breakfast, then some raisins can be served in the afternoon and evening.
Some fruit juice may also be given along with it, but it should have enough water. For the dessert it may add a little honey.
Few people will truly appreciate the efficacy of honey. It is, of course, an amazing diet, generally for the body and especially for the heart. Its food is unchangeable, as it is easily broken down.
It does not cause any irritation in our intestines and its ingredients immediately enter our body. Honey does not impose any burden on our kidneys. It is also light and natural constipation. If it is eaten while sleeping, it will also help in sleep.

In our country there are some heart-beating experts, who do not notice any difference in honey and ordinary sugar. These are the people who are forgetting the power and waxing on the anti-nausea and medicines. Humans also know the difference between natural and artificial.

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