Wednesday, November 20, 2019

From July to October, mobile imports increased by 86.23%

From July to October, mobile imports increased by 86.23%

Fixed import duty on import mobile has also been reduced. Positive result has come in the form of increase in mobile imports. Rizwan Irfan exports Rs 50 billion annually if the government considers the duty of mobile used. Can be obtained, President Karachi Electronics Dealers Association 

From November to October this year, mobile imports increased by 86.23 percent compared to the first four months of the previous fiscal year, while the dollar increased by 48.88 percent in the first four months of this fiscal year. According to data, 60 thousand 893 in the first four months of this fiscal year. Million rupees ($ 387.7 million) were imported, while 32,697 million rupees ($ 264 million) were imported during the last financial year.
In October last month, the imports of mobile phones were recorded a 12.23% increase in rupee terms. Of the mobile phones imported in the first four of the financial year, Rs. 12 thousand 430 million in July, Rs. 13 thousand 472 million in August. In September, mobile imports of Rs 16,487 million and October 18,504 million were imported.

Experts say that due to a 30% reduction in the value of rupees in one year, extra money was paid on imports of mobile phones, the government is only benefiting from the condition of import of registered mobile phones, unregistered and smuggled mobile phones. Withholding measures will further increase the collection of tax and duty.

Rizwan Irfan, president of the Karachi Electronic Dealer Association, cited the reason for the increase in mobile imports and said that fixed import duty on import mobile has been reduced by the government, which has resulted in increased mobile imports. He said that the continuous increase in imports of the Android system is due to the increase in demand in the country.
Demand for Android technology is increasing due to the government's efforts to promote the use of technology and the convenience of the people in the form of mobile apps. He said that 80% of the mobiles imported are mobiles. Typically there is a range of 25,000 to 80 thousand, which is because the middle class mobile phones in Pakistan are usually in the middle of the price range.
It should be noted that in the new Finance Amendment Act 2019-20, the tax system on imported mobile phones was changed. The FBR imposed a sales tax on fixed costs, excluding sales tax. Rs. 135 to Rs. 9500 was imposed on chamomiles from $ 30 to Rs. Is.
There are hundreds of millions of used imported mobile phones that have become useless after being shut down by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Billions of rupees can be saved if the method of obtaining duty on them is fixed and sales are allowed. The demand for used mobile phones in Pakistan is 80%, while 20% of new mobiles are purchased. The government has banned bringing illegal mobile phones and they have to be registered to operate the phones coming from overseas. ۔



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