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Fashion Style Fashion Style For Girls Types And Categories

Fashion Style Fashion Style For Girls Types And Categories

Rachel Mughal
Nowadays, where various campaigns are being run against waste disposal all over the world, nations are facing water crisis, trying to minimize the use of plastic shopping bags, to reduce smoking. Sin is being taxed, power saving campaigns go on every day, isn't it possible that we can take a similar look at the changing clothes fashion?
One of the important things in this race of the capitalist system is that people have become ignorant of themselves.
What your child is wearing, how you are forced to buy new clothes each year, how your shoes are changed before the burst, everything seems so important that you also need to think about it. Not done.

At one time, clothes were bought to think how long they lasted, how long can they be worn?
The clothes purchased for the first baby were worn by all siblings. Does the fabric that is made available today have the ability to be so strong and long lasting?
The same was the case with women's clothing.

The shawls purchased by the grandmother were worn and the grandmother's sari used to be part of the granddaughters. Mother-in-law cavemen used to work for many females. Is it possible?
How long has the tradition of creating a new pair for every new function in the family come to us?
Have any collective thoughts been worked out about this?
Now the problem has started with men too.
One year the coat lapels are thinner, the next year the wide lapels are fashionable. The same problem remains with the collars of the shirt.

One year the coat has two wheels, the next year the wheels are closed. This year the pants are tight, so the next year will be the fashion of Bellbottom. You will look conservative.
The width of the tie has changed from year to year. Buying expensive vests is a difficult step for shirts.
Women, children and men, buying clothes for all three, it is not always in mind that these clothes are carried out year by year. What happens is that whatever clothes you buy this year will be able to wear you next year Won't it?
In order to get an opinion from the people around us in this era of recent Malachi rumors, we set up a questionnaire on social media with the following questions:
Is it necessary to dress in fashion?

Will Lenin's rising rates make you think this year?
Will the summer clothes never return?
As a woman, how important do you think fashion is for life?
Let's look at their answers:
Halima Abbasi, a bank employee, says that knowledge of fashion is important to some extent.
She's fond of wearing good clothes, not bad at all. She's not personally into fashion too much, but she certainly has the look.
The rising rates of linen create many moments of worry for them every year too. They think that if the quality of the fabric is good, the print is beautiful, the colors are attractive, then it doesn't matter. What brand is in front of you.

It may be possible to buy good clothes even at low prices. According to Halima Abbasi, evergreen clothes will always be a must and black color is especially important in every period.
According to Iman Hassan, it is not necessary to wear fashionable clothes. In his view, the designers have hijacked the entire textile market. He recalled the period around 2008 and said that at the time, it was not a problem at all.
The common man's access to clothing was easy and there was no colored linen. In one season, the length of the shirt is above the knees, in the next season the shirt is up to the feet. In one year's fashion, the pajamas are A-line. Six months later, they turn into flippers.

This fast changing of fashion and getting out of the reach of the common man is not a healthy practice.
Anhum Qureshi, from Lahore, says that keeping up-to-date with fashion is very important. According to Anhum, who is from Lahore, who is associated with journalism, it is very important for you to follow trends if you do your job. If your clothes are fashionable then your personality will be exposed.
"I am not a big brand addict. In our Lahore, when you go to the Liberty Market, you get more than one. Their clothes are even better. According to the rules, it is not possible to return to Sada-Bihar clothes۔

Rabia Akram Khan hails from Peshawar. She has been living in Islamabad for eight years. She said of fashion, you have to walk with the world or else you look weird.
Speaking to me, sometimes I wear jackets against fashion, but it is very difficult to do so while working and staying in Islamabad, especially. As long as Lenin's rate is five to seven, There were up to a thousand. I used to buy comfortably, last year it had reached eleven twelve thousand rupees. It is difficult to do that now. By making tailor made designs and making new clothes on their own, they now have better ideas. Is.

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