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CPA Fury 2019 By | My Tech News |


 First of all, I would like to say thank you for purchasing CPA Fury


  report. I hope you enjoy and get some valuable information out of

the report to start scaling your CPA campaigns. In this eBook, I am going to be revealing to you step-by-step on a
different way of Renting BIG email list owners and getting them to
send out your offer. Where we only pay for the Clicks we receive and never pay for
fraudulent or bot traffic ever! Only the highest quality Email Traffic
you can find from selected Publishers from: If you have not heard of AdClickMedia
before, you're missing out big time. AdClickMedia has an
Advertiser/Publisher Email side where we can rent big Email Lists
and only pay for the quality Clicks we want for our selected Niche. This is what I'll be revealing to you in this eBook on how to tap into
the Millions of Email Data they have available and get quality traffic to
our CPA/Affiliate Offers and or build massive email lists. So, first things first, some things you will need to get up and running... Here are some things you will need: • A CPA Affiliate Network account (Go Below To See Recommended Ones)
· Account at
• Domain/hosting (Only if you want to build a list and not direct link)
Let's Get Started!
What is AdClickMedia
Email PPC...? is a HUGE PPC Ad display and email
PPC network that has many different types of ads to choose
from such as: Photo Text Ads
Banner Display Ads
Full Page Interstitial Ads
Email Pay-Per-Click Ads (This is what we're going to be doing only!) Some stats you will want to know about this network... They have over 900+ Million Ad impressions being served
and they have over 37+ Million Email Data records we can
buy/rent from. That's a LOT of email Data we can rent for our
CPA/Affiliate campaigns don't you think? In just the Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet
Marketing niche alone they have more than: 18+ Million Email Records
That we can advertise too and choose from. That's just ONE niche! With over 300+ Email Publishers in their network to
choose from, where most publishers list sizes range from: 2,000 - 50,000+ and the BIG Email Publishers lists go up into
the 1-10 million list sizes. So, do you think we can get enough high quality traffic now
for our offers? I don't think there will be a problem to really
scale our CPA offer campaigns. Remember this is all 100% opt-in Email Traffic, this is the
highest quality traffic you can ever buy, and if you have not
heard it yet, you need to read it again!... "The Money Is In
The LIST" I am sure at some point online you have read or seen this
from other email marketers, but you just didn't believe it. Well it's time you believed it!... When you can email your own list or Rent someone else's list
that they have built 100% opt-in and get them to send out an
email to one of your offers, you will start to see great results. Email Buys can be a little bit more expensive sometimes in
the beginning. WHY? Because Email traffic is very high
quality traffic, when you want quality traffic you need to
pay for it. Why do you think you can't find many advertising
networks that allow you to buy email data or rent email
lists for your offers? Because they make alot of their money from their own lists... Why do you think Frank Kern has an email list? Not for fun
and games, it's his pride and joy! Because, when he
recommends a product or a new product he brings out,
what happens?? His list... Listens to him. He has a, "Relationship", with his list. Just like all these big
Publishers in AdClickMedia, they have a relationship with their lists,
so when they promote your offer, it converts much higher, because
they're proven to convert in your chosen Niche/List chosen. It's just like when you go buy a Solo Ad for example, what
are you going to them for? You're going to a Solo Ad vendor who has a proven list they
have built themselves and is making money with their lists that
they promote to, CPA offers, Affiliate offers, their own offers
and so on... This goes the same with AdClickMedia Email PPC, all these
Publishers have built their lists from scratch and are now
giving YOU the chance to tap into their lists for your Offers or
your Opt-in landing page to build your list. I hope that has explained a good amount how AdClickMedia
works and how email traffic is such high quality, towards
any other traffic sources you choose. Networks
Recommended CPA Networks: MaxBounty
· Cash Network
· Clickbank
Above I have recommended some CPA Networks that have a
good amount of the Niches/Offers I have recommended in this
eBook, ones like: Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet Marketing/Forex/Binary
Insurance/Zip submits
Weight Loss/Diet
Online Education Another way to find more CPA Networks and Offers/Niches
in the recommended ones above, are to go to CPA Review
Sites such as: Than you can start to figure out what CPA Networks you need
to be in and what networks have the offers and Niches you
want to go after before going and signing up for a CPA Network. Tips on getting accepted into CPA
Getting accepted into any CPA network is not as hard as
everyone makes it out to be. If you do find it hard in getting
accepted into CPA networks, it's because you're doing it all
WRONG! Let me give you a tip... When the CPA network asks you
questions like... How are you going to promote our offers? OR What is your
main traffic source you use? OR How long have you been
online for and your experience? etc.
Best thing to tell them, you do Email Marketing and you own
an email list in (choose a niche). CPA networks love email marketers, as email is one of and still
is the best traffic source, every ad network loves email, believe
me. So if you have trouble, try saying you do email marketing
but other than that, try and keep it as HONEST if you can when
signing up to any network. This makes it easier to build a strong relationship with your
affiliate managers in the networks. When you build
relationships, they will usually be more than happy to give you
higher payouts that others are not getting. Another Tip: What you should always do, as soon as you finished signing up
to any CPA Network, always follow up with a quick email
telling them... You just signed up and am very interested in getting started
and getting into their network. Also tell them, if they ever need
to contact YOU, please just let you know and you will be happy
to answer any questions they have. Another way to get accepted faster is to call them, this can
really speed up the approval process, as they see you're series
and want to get started as soon as possible. TOP Niches To Go After
Choose Your Niche: • Biz Opp/Make Money
Marketing/Forex/Binary offers
(These above are by fast the BEST converting niche I have found with AdClickMedia) • Insurance (Zip submits works great)
• Dating (none adult)
• Weight loss/diet/fitness
• Online Education How To Find Good Email Copy
To find good email swipes if you do not know how to write any
email copy at all, the best places to go to are, finding offers in
your Niche and go to their Affiliate/JV pages and find proven
email swipes they give out. Places to find good email swipes to learn from and go off are
places like: ClickSure
WarriorPlus If you're going after the top niche I talk more about of, Biz
Opp/Make Money Online, these above networks are perfect
for this niche, you will find many high converting proven
emails swipes in ClickSure for one. Setting Up AdClickMedia
Steps For Setting Up Your Campaigns: Step 1 - Let's Get Signed
Go here to sign up and create an account at AdClickMedia: Fill out the sign up form, make sure you put in all real information. This will be used to login with, so make sure you save
down your login information for future use. Step 2 - What Are The
BEST Offers:
VERY IMORTANT: This is the most important stage and it is
the most important part you need to think of before you do any
kind of advertising online. Don't just go choose any random offer in your CPA network. NO!! First, you want think of a niche that you may have tested in the
past and done well with or you know from looking at top
converting offers in your CPA network is converting well and is
a strong offer. OR... You have contacted your CPA Network Manager and
asked them what are their top converting offers for today or
this week. know) Here are some Top Converting Niches to go after for
AdClickMedia Email PPC I have tested myself and
recommend are:
• Biz Opp/Make Money
Marketing/Forex/Binary offers
(These above are by fast the BEST converting niche I have found with AdClickMedia) • Insurance (Zip submits works great)
• Dating (none adult)
• Weight loss/diet/fitness
• Online Education When you choose a Niche, stick with that niche until you
have had success with it before testing multiple niches one
after another. Trust me on this, if you keep going from one offer to
another and another, you will start getting very frustrated. So start small, test...test...test, then once you find that
winning offer, scale from there with raising your spend.
Above are a few niches which work very well with
AdClickMedia Email PPC. I would recommend sticking with
simple, easy to convert offers. As in, offers that have a simple Email Address only field or,
ones that ask for first name, email address or even just Zip
Code. Not ones that ask for 8-10+ fields to fill out or ones that ask
for their credit card. Credit Card/Sale Offers, these work very well, but you first
want to test free CPA/CPL offers so you can first get used to
this traffic source and find easy winners. Once you find the good Publishers and winning offers, you
can then either keep going and keep finding more free
CPA/CPL offers to promote or you can start testing sale
That part is completely up to you, but as I said in the beginning
of this eBook, I mainly concentrate on free CPA/CPL offers, that
does not cost the subscriber anything for us to make money. By CPL I mean, (Cost Per Lead) ones, if you are not sure
what CPL stands for, Cost Per Lead are free CPA offers,
where it costs the Subscriber/Your Visitor, nothing to opt-
in for you to make money. These are the offers we want to be going after... Step 3 - Email Copy & Ad
Creation SetUp: Now it's time to get into the fun part, setting up your CPA
Email PPC ad campaigns and choosing what offers we are
going to promote. By this time you should already have in mind what
Niche/Offer you want to go after and promote on
AdClickMedia Email PPC. If not, choose one from above and
stick with it. A reminder... When choosing any CPA offer, make sure it
accepts Email Marketing traffic. Almost all offers will allow
email traffic, as it's the highest quality traffic, but it is always
best to check. Once you have created your free AdClickMedia account, use
the same username and password to login to your Advertiser
Panel and Publisher Panel.
We want to Advertise, so, login to the Advertiser Panel and
you should be at the Dashboard Welcome are. Once there,
go down to where it says, Email PPC Advertising Go Over to the Right Hand Side where it says, New
Campaign, (Same Line), and click the Blue button, you should
now be at a screen with lots of lists and categories to select
your Lists, like this: As you can see, there are more than 37+ Million Subscribers
in their network we can advertise too! You can also see, the average CPC rates, these rates will go
up and down when you start advertising. You do not need to worry about CPC rates at all, their
system takes care of all this for you, but you can see the
average CPC rates there above in your chosen
categories/niches before you start. The next step on this same page is to first select the
Niche/Category you want to go after, so this is where your
Offer selection as I said above is important and you should
already have one by now.
So, if you were to go after the Biz Opp, Make Money Online,
Internet Marketing niche, you would select these 2 categories
in the screenshot below:
Once you have your categories you chose, click the, View
Lists, button to show... This will then bring up the total amount of lists/subscribers
for your Niche.
As you can see above, there are over 18+ million subscribers
in just this niche alone for, Biz Opp/Make Money Online etc,
and... In just the first 10 lists alone, there are lists from 300,000 and
up to 6 Million. This is where it's at and these are the lists we want to advertise
to, to get massive exposure for our offers, affiliate offers, build
massive lists, whatever we want. These are all 100% opt-in, personally built and personally
manually reviewed by AdClickMedia to get you the highest
quality traffic as possible. Once you have chosen your Categories, it is now time to go to
the next step, but before we can do this, we need to first Fund
our account. If you cannot fund your account with Credit Card, the best
and other option is by PayPal, but they will need to manually
put the funds on your account for you. If you use PayPal, make sure you put in your AdClickMedia
UserName and then contact them with your receipt. So, to start click the, Start Email Campaign button right
down the button of the page to fund your account first:
You can also fund your account by just going to the, Funds
Tab and choosing either Credit Card or PayPal that way too. Next Step:
Step-By-Step Campaign Setup Now it's time to get into the next step, setting up your
Ad for approval. If you look at the screenshot below, you will see what
needs to go where, I will explain in more detail under:
So, let's start from the beginning... Give your campaign a Name, this is for
Publishers to see what your offer is, so what you can do is,
just put in the Offer Name you're promoting if you cannot
think of something catchy. So, for example, if you were to do a Biz Opp offer called,
Profit With Michael, well know Biz Opp offer, that is what
you can just put in as the Offer Name. Or just, New High Converting NICHEHERE Offer Give your campaign a short
description on what your offer is, if it is a Biz Opp offer, you can
just say, Business Opportunity, or look at your offer you chose
to promote and look at the landing page, what does it talk
about? Then put in what it is offering, so if its offering, How to
make $1k Per Day sending Emails from home, put that
as the description. Or, New work from home opportunity. Anything will do. Doesn't need to be anything fancy, just a short description
telling Publishers what it is. This is the first step and the
FIRST most important part you need to make sure you
have good.
This is your Email subject line, this is what the subscribers will
see in their Inbox to get them to Open your email. So, this needs to be something catchy to get them to open. If you remember the Email Creative example at the beginning
of this eBook, that is what this is. Example I used was: [Open] Your request is inside... Nice call to action, catchy and telling them, your request is
waiting for them, so they need to Open the email to see what's
inside. This is just an example, never use exact email swipes as I
explained in the beginning of this eBook. This is the second step and the
SECOND most important part you need to make sure you
have good. This is the part where, once the subscriber Opens your email,
your email creative is what is going to get them to Click to
your Offer, Opt-in Landing page or whatever you're
Keep it short, to the point with a good call to action, don't
ramble on about this and that, remember, I explained more
about this at the beginning too. Example I used was: Would you like to be our first BETA Tester? ... Go Here to Request Simply fill out your info on the
next page and press the BIG
Orange button to book your seat... ... Go Here to Continue Enjoy,
NAME HERE It's short, to the point with a good strong, call to action, to
get the visitor/subscriber to Click to the Offer. Remember, this is just an example, never use exact email
swipes as I explained in the beginning of this eBook. If you're stuck on email creatives, I also explained in the
beginning on how to find proven email swipes to go off and
change them up to make them unique and stand out from the
rest for your campaigns. Never Ever use exact email swipes from scratch!
Ad Design Service
This you just leave it as is, No, use the ad above. Unless you want to pay
them to write your email copy for you, then that will be an extra fee, but
you do not need too. So leave as No. Landing Page URL
This is where you're going to be sending these high quality
subscribers too. Your Offer, Opt-in landing page to build your list etc. You can copy and paste your direct Affiliate link in there or
Opt-in landing page domain or you can use a tracking link to
hide your Affiliate link... So Publishers cannot see your Affiliate link and see your
Networks you're using. I explain more on Tracking Links below in Step 4. Restrictions
Here is where you will be telling all publishers who promote your
offer what you do not want them to do. It will already have something in there as: Email Traffic Only. No Incentevized Clicks Just leave it as that, as that is all we want. Geo Targeting Last step is to choose our GEO Targeting options This is where your offer you chose comes into play.
So, you need to check your offer and see what countries it accepts.
If it accepts all Top Countries as in, USA, AUS, UK, CA, NZ
You can put all if you like, but what I mainly do is target USA ONLY. As, USA has the highest quality traffic from all countries alone,
and it is the highest converting country by far. So stick with just USA if your offer accepts all Top Countries. Final Steps
The last thing to do now, after you have double checked your
email copy to make sure there are no spelling mistakes, if it's all
good. Then, all you have to do is click the, Submit For Approval,
button and wait for it to be manually approved by one of
AdClickMedia's staff. It usually takes 24-48 hours at most. If there are any fixes needed, they will let you know. If they do want you to fix something or update, go back into
your campaign and make the necessary changes and submit
your campaign again so it can be approved and go live. Most the time there will not be any changes that is needed, but
if they ask you to change your email copy because it's to
spammy, edit your email creative and just change a few words
to remove the spammy words if needed. You do not need to change the whole email creative, just
adjust what you have and go from there. Keep your email creatives clean and not full of spammy words,
we're aiming for subscribers who read our email creative and
the email creative, will do its job to get them to Click >
Convert. It's really that simple. Great Email Copy = Easy Conversions Easy conversions then equals, more money for you... Most CPA offers while running multiple ads with AdClickMedia
Email PPC, I have found converted anywhere from, 15% up to
40%+. With building your own list after the opt-in, I have seen 40-
70%+ conversion rates from, opt-in to then the free CPA
offer. These are free CPA offers here, ones that just ask for email
address or first name and email address usually, with payouts
ranging from $1.50 - $12+ So, it really isn't that hard to convert from Email Traffic to a
free CPA offer. It's all about your email copy, so work on that, learn from your
mistakes if you do not know how to write good email copy,
then go back up to the beginning of this eBook where I talk
about how to find proven converting email swipes. Clicksure, Clickbank etc, use them as a guide to go off and
change them up to make them unique. It's the best way to learn fast without trying to think from
complete scratch. You also do not need to worry about any CPC bidding
whatsoever, their system takes care of all that for you.
You just control your spend and your ads. Just choose your categories, setup your email creative,
restrictions and GEO targeting and you're good to go. Then once we start to get some winning conversions on offers,
we can then optimize and scale our campaigns from there from
spending more and setting up more offer campaigns. If you have one winner, you're not going to just stop there
are you? NO!! You're going to keep going, keep advertising that same
offer, and finding new offers as we go to expand. Checking Your Campaign Once your campaign is approved, you will see it in the
Campaigns Tab under, Email PPC Ads, Here you will see your
stats from Clicks, conversions if you setup your Tracking Pixel
(see below for more info), cost and status of your campaign. You can Pause your campaign at anytime if you need to
change anything. Step 4 - Set Up
Tracking: Here I am going to go over tracking your conversions in
If you want to track conversions in your AdClickMedia
Campaigns, all you need to do is get their tracking pixel and
paste it into your chosen Offer Tracking Pixel area. You will find this in your CPA Network, simply paste the pixel
in the tracking pixel area in your CPA Offer you chose to
promote. To get the tracking pixel from AdClickMedia, simply go to
your Dashboard Advertiser Panel and click on Tools. A
dropdown menu will appear. Click on Conversion Code as
shown below: Once you have clicked on that button, you will be taken to another
screen where you will find your tracking pixel, you can then copy
into your CPA Network Offer you chose to promote, should be like
So, simply copy and paste that code above into your Offer
tracking area inside your CPA Network. You do not need to do this but it is sometimes a good idea
to hide your affiliate links. So, if you would like to hide your affiliate links and not just
paste your affiliate link as the direct link, you can use a free
tracking service like:
Tinyurl To hide your affiliate link in your campaigns if you like,
you don't have to but, it is there and free if you want too. Sometimes it is good to do this so the Publishers/Email list
Owners, cannot see the affiliate link and CPA Network we're
using. So, it is completely up to you. It is a good idea to hide your
affiliate links in my opinion, but again, it is your choice.
This will give you more tracking from, your tracking and then
in your CPA Network tracking to compare stats. Want To Build Long Term
Build Your List!: Direct linking CPA Offers or any Affiliate Offers is a great way
to make quick and easy money, and it's what this eBook is all
about, making you easy CPA commissions.
But, if you would like long term profits, building an email
list is the best and only way to go. WHY? Because, when you start building an email list from any traffic
source like AdClickMedia Email PPC, you can then promote to
those same subscribers long term and keep making money off
them for years to come. If you do run your own Opt-in landing page campaign, what I
recommend you do, as I do this myself too, on the next page
when the new subscriber opts into your opt-in landing page,
is... Redirect them to a CPA Offer straight away. You will see insanely HIGH conversions from doing this. I've
seen anywhere from 40%-70%+ conversion rates from, opt-in
to CPA offer. AGAIN WHY??
Because, the visitor/subscriber who just opted into your
opt-in landing page, has now been pre-warmed. So, when you have a Affiliate offer, a free CPA offer, it converts
much higher simply because they got something for free first,
"Pre-Warmed", and now they trust you more to follow what is
on the next page after they opt-in. This is a great tip if you do any kind of list building, no
matter the traffic source, to remember to always offer
something on the next page. Let's Sum It Up
OK... we are now at the end of this awesome eBook.
I have gone through and shown you everything step-by-step
on how to setup your campaigns with
How to choose your offers, setup your campaigns, write great
email copy and find great email copy if you do not know how
to write email copy at all and much more... Now it is your turn, time for you to get this into Action and set
this up for yourself to start ranking in those easy CPA
commissions. Everything in this eBook works. It will all come down to you,
how much effort you want to put into getting a profitable
campaign up and running. Every offer will always convert differently of course! So
remember that... Remember, don't just do 1 day of testing and say, this does not
work. Don't just try one offer and give up! When you go and advertise on any PPC or PPV network, do
you ever just do one day of advertising or one offer and just
give up and tell yourself, this doesn't work?? NO, NEVER!... You need to test, test, test, it's the only way you will learn
from your mistakes and learn how to choose great offers and
write great email copy to have successfully great campaigns. As, that is what it all comes down too, find a good offer,
write good email copy, and the traffic will do the rest for
you for great conversions.
There are thousands of advertisers who advertise on this
network, this network is full of Affiliate Marketers
promoting all kinds of Affiliate offers. So, you're in the right place to get your Affiliate offers in
front of millions of people. Once you have tested a campaign or a few and you found a
winning campaign, that is getting you conversions, making
you money... We want to Scale Up, start spending more than $150. Only scale
when you're comfortable and have found some offers that are
doing good for you. As in, they're making you money and you're profiting. I highly recommend sticking with simple free CPA offers, before
going for the straight sale offers.
Once you master the easy CPA offers, you can then test sale
offers later on. I only stay with CPA offers as they are much
easier to convert and there are thousands to choose from which
can do anywhere from 15%-40%+ conversion rates easy. Whereas sales offers you would be lucky to get 0.5%-2%
conversion rates. So keep that in mind when choosing your
offers. Now, it's time for you to start implementing the methods I've shown
you and.... TAKE ACTION :)

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