Sunday, October 27, 2019

Breaking news and top stories india Today Latest News India Times

Breaking news and top stories india Today Latest News India Times


New Delhi: Latest news of 06 October: Flood, rain and water logging in Bihar are bad conditions. More than 160 people have died in the state, while now the epidemic is in danger. There have been 775 dengue cases across the state. In which there are about 520 cases in Patna alone. 120 dengue cases were found positive on Saturday. While more than 70 cases of chikungunya have been reported. At the same time, after the flood in Patna, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, surrounded by all four sides, got the support of Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan. Although Paswan did not mention about the water logging in Patna, he did make a tweet on Saturday and said that as the head of state, you have written a new definition of good governance. At the same time, Bangladesh's statement has come about NRC. Bangladesh said on Saturday that although India says that the National Register of Citizens is an internal matter of the country, but it is monitoring the developments related to it in Assam. Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina raised this issue during bilateral talks with Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. He explained the entire process of NRC.
Case against celebrities was on the court's order, the government has nothing to do: Bihar police chief
A treason case has been registered in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, last week against 49 people, including historian Ramachandra Guha, famous film actress Aparna Sen, filmmaker Shyam Benegal and Mani Ratnam. These people wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing concern over the incidents of beating people in different places. Now it has been said on behalf of the state government that the Bihar government has nothing to do with the case against 49 celebrities who wrote an open letter in the name of PM Modi. The state's police chief Gupteshvar Pandey told NDTV that this was done following a court order and there was no reason to panic. Let me tell you that there was a lot of ruckus on the case filed against these people.

Supreme Court reaches tree case in Aare, hearing will be held tomorrow morning
The case of tree felling in Aarey Colony has now reached the door of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has taken cognizance of the law student's letter to ban the cutting of trees. The special bench of the Supreme Court will hear the matter tomorrow at 10 am. For your information, let us know that this special bench has been created in the Supreme Court for environmental matters. In this special bench, Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Ashok Bhushan are included. At the same time, a sessions court in Mumbai granted bail to 29 protesters arrested during a protest against the cutting of trees in Aarey Colony.

Imran Khan's plane did not have malfunction, Saudi Crown Prince ordered to recall: Report
Pakistan's weekly magazine 'Friday Times' has made a shocking disclosure. According to the magazine, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia was so displeased with some of the activities of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan during the United Nations visit that he ordered Imran to return the plane back home from America Was Imran first visited Saudi Arabia during his visit to the United States to attend the United Nations General Assembly. He wanted to fly to the US by commercial plane from Saudi Arabia. But, bin Salman said that it cannot be, Imran is his special guest and he will fly to America with his special private plane. Imran went to America by MBS plane. He was returning from the same place when it was reported that his plane had to return to the United States due to technical fault and Emraan was back by commercial flight.

Nitish, who came under the target of 'loved ones' over water logging, got Sushil Modi's support, gave the critics a reply ...
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is on target due to water logging that took place after heavy rains in Bihar. Among those who attacked Nitish Kumar are BJP's ally BJP leader and Union Minister Giriraj Singh. Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi is well aware that Giriraj Singh has also launched a campaign to 'water-water' Nitish Kumar on the pretext of water logging. Sushil Modi (Sushil Modi) not only tweeted and congratulated Nitish Kumar on Janata Dal United (JDU) national president's re-election, but what he said in praise would probably pass Giriraj and his supporters exasperated.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan told why the government banned e-cigarettes without delay
Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that the decision to bring an ordinance to ban e-cigarettes had become extremely necessary as the problem was becoming increasingly widespread among the youth and the government's tobacco control program by allowing such products Disregarding the ban on e-cigarettes, Harsh Vardhan said that by bringing an ordinance, this problem was initially It was abolished. The government issued an ordinance on 18 September declaring the manufacture, production, import, export, distribution, transportation, sale, storage or advertisement of such alternative measures of smoking as a cognizable offense in which the jail There is a provision for punishment and fine.

Amidst reports of estrangement from NDA to JDU, Tejashwi Yadav said - doors of alliance for Nitish ...
RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav on Sunday clarified that there is no contradiction in the secular alliance and it is unbreakable, amid differences in the grand alliance over seat sharing for the by-elections to be held on 21 October in Bihar. Tejashwi also called Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar a 'chameleon-like color changer' and ruled out any possibility of him returning to the secular alliance in the future. The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader, in an interview to PTI language, attacked Nitish, saying that he helped the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the BJP to expand their base and put secular and socialist politics at risk.

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