Monday, September 23, 2019

Trump called Modi a best friend and sprinkled salt on Kashmiris' wounds Times of india

Trump called Modi a best friend and sprinkled salt on Kashmiris' wounds Times of india 

Trump should have announced a curfew on Kashmiris in Modi's rally in Houston, but maybe Trump is based on Modi-friendly interests, where economic interests are important, not humanity, with Prime Minister Imran Khan expected to be full in a Trump meeting.

LAHORE (Urdupoint newspaper - September 22, 2019) US President Trump calls Modi a best friend, sprinkled salt on Kashmiris' wounds, saying Trump welcomes Indian investment in US There are expectations that Trump will be very skeptical, how can an RSS representative call Modi a friend of Trump? To be clear, US President Donald Trump attended the Indian Prime Minister Modi's ceremony in Houston and declared the Indian Prime Minister a great friend.
Before leaving, Trump said in a tweet, "I'll be here in Houston with my friend. It's going to be a great day in Texas." He, however, termed Kashmiris as the best friend of the atrocities and the RSS member Modi, who is equivalent to sprinkling salt on the wounds of Muslims and Kashmiris around the world.

US President Donald Trump should not offend the feelings of Muslims around the world.

I condemn Sanaullah as a journalist. I think if President Trump participated in Modi's rally, he should have announced a curfew on Kashmiris, because if Trump is a human being, then he must show human rights abuses and human rights violations in Kashmir. They wanted their great friend and brother to take up the curfew in occupied Kashmir and provide these basic facilities.

But maybe Trump and Modi are based on friendship and brotherly interests. It matters not to humanity but to economic interests. Didn't Trump see protesters outside the stadium? Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi suffered fierce protests in Houston, protests were held outside NRG Stadium, protests continued during the Indian Prime Minister's address.
US President Donald Trump also attended the event and addressed. Protesters have posted slogans against Kashmir genocide and rampant atrocities on their T-shirts and caps. Kashmir, Sikhs, Indian Muslims and women are also protesting against the anti-human activities of Indian Prime Minister Modi. Protesters have shouted slogans against Indian atrocities on their T-shirts and caps. On the banners of the protests are also the face of Indian terrorism and slogans of "liberate Kashmir, end Indian occupation" against Modi's atrocities. Protesters have also raised the flags of Azad Kashmir. Protesters have also inserted Nazi Modi slogans on banners

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