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#health and fitness tips Iced Tea - Chai Ki Chai Meethey Ka Metha Fitness Health Most expensive method

Health and fitness Tips

#health and fitness tips Iced Tea - Chai Ki Chai Meethey Ka Metha Fitness Health Most expensive method


We are very keen on tea and drink many drinks throughout the day and arrange a special breakfast with tea for the guests. It is the tradition of our health and fitness tips
Eastern traditions to offer millions of cold drinks, regularly. Breakfast and tea are definitely arranged. The thought of cool tea and cool ice can definitely be a good choice in hot weather. health and fitness tips

It also relieves fatigue. Heat is immediately relieved, thickened, and nourished according to nutritionists. It is offered in health and fitness tips
glass instead of tea cup, a glass of it with vitamins. It is also rich in mineral reserves and antioxidants. health and fitness tips
You get plenty of nutrients throughout the day. For those who are weight loss, this cold tea is not only harmful but also helpful in weight and fitness tips
Below are the other benefits of this cool toned tea.
It eliminates dehydration in the body
Hot tea can have many benefits, but the first benefit of this cold-breasted tea is to maintain the amount and level health and fitness tips of water in the body. The Howard Public School of Health has named iced tea a top priority in hydration nutrition. ۔
Simple iced tea is free of calories but based on antioxidants, flavonoids and other ingredients that can keep your health healthy.
Dental health remains constant
Iced tea is a fine dental drink. According to research by Canyon College in the US state of Ohio, drinking sugar-free drinks preserves plaque on teeth and protects them from health and fitness tips bacterial growth.

Meta Bolesum increases
This tea contains manganese and it helps to heal wounds faster and to strengthen bones, as well as to try to lose weight as well as try to lose weight. Helps your digestive system, employs body fat and strengthens meta-metabolism.
health and fitness tips
Get rid of mental stress
According to research health and fitness tips by the International Journal of Sciences, acidity reduces the thought and pressure of drinking a glass to the extent that it is for the international scientific journal. However, this does not mean that health and fitness tips complex emotional emotional problems will be solved by drinking tea. Science has proven a number of benefits that can reduce health and fitness tips stress.
Useful for anti-aging
Iced tea contains more than 8% poly phenol antioxidants in fruits and vegetables that balance the free radicals in our body. Stabilizes collagen production and repair damaged cells. It is a natural health and fitness tipssubstance that is gentle and supple, so acidity can protect face and eyes from wrinkles.
health and fitness tips
Icedity health and fitness tips
As the name implies, health and fitness tips ice cream or cold tea. After the western countries, it is now being used fondly in the hot eastern countries and it is very easy to make health and fitness tips it at home. In hotels, #healthandfitness tips its special leaves are used to make this tea which is specially and fitness tips

But the closest tea to this taste (for two to three people) is to make at home:
When boiling in a cup of water, add a teaspoon of plain tea or green tea, as well as a few mint leaves and half a cup of custom fruit slices.
When it comes to two-in-one, remove it from the stove and let it cool.
Fry in a separate pan (squeeze the fruit pieces into sieve).
Then add two teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey to it. Finally add one cup of chopped ice.

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