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(ذہنی دباؤ دور کرنے کے 4طریقے ) ways to relieve stress 4

4 Ways to relieve stress (ذہنی دباؤ دور کرنے کے 4طریقے)

While playing tennis, I was standing on the finish line and hitting the ball with all my strength. That way I lost a lot of games. One day my brother Steve suggested I go near the net tied in the middle. Games. I replied that I could not stand and play near the net.

One of the rules of the game is that if your strategy doesn't work out then skip it and switch to another style. So I changed my game style and started playing near the net. That's how my game got better. I started to feel more and more likely to win.
When I started going to my clinic as a family therapist, it was my view that you should change your strategy when you are losing.

This view applies not only to sports but also to life. Many of my patients come to me with their own problems. The interesting thing is that they create these problems themselves, for example by eating such a diet. But the therapist is banned, suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. I repeat my brother's lesson to try to make a difference in myself.
Leave the foods that are hurting them and start eating other foods. The patients who followed my advice got rid of the discomfort.
Most of us play games that result in defeat. This defeat is self-made. In other words, the devastation that we impose on ourselves, such as lack of balance in the diet, is correct. Not eating, not getting enough sleep, staying out of the office, working long hours and avoiding exercise.

Using time incorrectly also means losing. If you are constantly losing or experiencing life's failures, here are some steps that you can take to help you avoid failure:
(1) Set the limit
Limit what you do to work in the office, do not bring it home, otherwise family life can be affected.
If someone pressures you in relation to work, refuse. Set a boundary between home life and your work.
(2) Have fun
Many people begin to feel reluctant when it comes to recreation and entertainment. They give more importance to family entertainment. Fun can be lonely and even with friends.
The fun of being entertained with friends is very unique. Comfort means that the daily tasks you perform daily should not be performed on a particular day.
ّ (3) Keep the money down
Individuals who live in debauchery end their enthusiasm. They become less assertive and they begin to hide from society.
If you want to make any changes in your life, then it is possible with money. Happiness can be bought with money, but having money does not mean that we can exceed our desires and needs. We must spend every moment evaluating how much money is sufficient for our legitimate needs. Then we should spend it accordingly.

(4) Identify your identity
For many people, their job is their identity. To some extent this is true, but having too many identities at work or workplace can be a hassle. If your job goes away, Not a good thing. If your personality is associated with the office, then your personality may end up being lost.
That day you realize that you are nothing. Instead of being an old man, your identity is due to knowledge and creativity so that you can live in history and be your identity.
Harvardian varsity therapist Matthew says that your real work is what you create. Then you can do whatever you want to do. You know when I am playing with my kids or someone When I go to see a movie, I am not a physician, but only Matthew.

Mental stress is a fact of life, but not part of life. Most stressors are self-made, that is, the production of our mind. One way to overcome stress is to try to understand that you Then solve the problem by taking steps in this regard.

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