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Army Chief visits Formation Headquarters Gilgit

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جنرل قمر جاوید باجوہ نے یادگار شہداء پرپھول رکھے، فارمیشن افسران اور جوانوں سے خطاب کیا، بھارت کو منہ توڑ جواب دینے کا پیغام دے دیا

Rawalpindi (Urdu point newspaper) - Online - October 15, 2019) Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa meets with the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Oman to discuss defense cooperation and other matters including mutual interest between the two countries.

According to Pakistan Army Department of Public Relations (ISPR), Oman Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Ahmed visited GHQ The Guard of Honor was presented on arrival of GHQ, Chief Guest of the distinguished guest General Qamar Javed During the meeting with Bajwa, issues of mutual interest and mutual cooperation were discussed.

Lieutenant General Ahmed appreciated the achievements of Pakistan Army against terrorism and also discussed the use of professional skills of the Pakistani Army. Later, he paid tribute to the martyr. Army Chief's visit to Formation Headquarters Gilgit,
 General Qamar Javed Bajwa placed flowers on the memorial front, 
addressed the formation officers and young men, sent a message to India. Army Chief 
General Qamar Bajwa visited Formation headquarters Gilgit on Saturday, 
according to details provided by the Pakistan Army's Public Relations ISPR.
We are aware of the danger on the eastern border.
The danger on the eastern border is related to the current situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. 
However, we are fully prepared to thwart any missed adventure.
 We are keeping a close eye on the situation in occupied
 Kashmir. If India attempts any kind of aggression, it will be answered in full and smashing. 
We are capable of responding to such attacks.
It should be noted that the Army Chief has 
visited the Formation Headquarters Gilgit at a time when India has increased 
aggression over the Line of Control and is continuously increasing its troops at the borders.
 While Modi government ministers are constantly being threatened by war. In this way, the 
Pakistan Army has given a clear message to India that we are ready to face any kind of war.

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